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We are back!
The fourth edition of Chefs & Shakers! 

Chefs and Shakers, the Don Papa Rum competition, is an annually unique concept where duos are challenged to pull out all the stops and create the perfect cocktail & food pairing. A hybrid concept where the equivalent wicked worlds of gastronomy and mixology blend seamlessly.

Every year, Glen Ramaekers (Don Papa Ambassador Belgium, Humphrey Chez Pias) & Patrick Aubrion (European champion & vice-champion pastry chef) are looking for chefs and shakers to participate in this competition. The winning duo will be rewarded with an exclusive trip to the Philippines and will be swept away and surprised on this culinary and gastronomic journey.

Chefs & Shakers
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About Don Papa 

Don Papa Rum is the spirit of Sugarlandia. It is a premium, aged, single-island rum from the Philippines, made on the fertile foothills of the active volcano Mt. Kanlaon, where the finest sugarcane is milled to produce sweet, rich molasses. This is where Don Papa Rum is blended to perfection and where everything comes together in an alchemy of magic in every bottle. 


The perfect combination of climate, geography and rich volcanic soil on the island of Negros makes it ideally suited for sugarcane production. And where there is sugar, you will find rum. And where there is rum, you will find Don Papa.

The Core of Don Papa

The original Don Papa rum is aged for up to seven years in ex-Bourbon and ex-Rioja American Oak casks for a deep flavour, and perfect for mixing in a range of cocktails. Animals and exotic birds from the Philippines are 'hidden' on the bottle label, including the world's smallest primate, the tarsier (endemic to the southern Philippine islands of Bohol, Samar and Leyte).


Light and fruity on the nose, Don Papa displays aromas of cinnamon, Seville orange and vanilla. 


Smooth and delicate with a hint of sweetness and flavours of vanilla, honey and fruitcake. 


Lingering fruit notes are combined with warming oak spices and a delicate, rich sweetness of apricots and cinnamon.

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