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For this edition, our chefs & shakers are going full Belgo-Filipino, where the traditional Filipino street food snacks & cocktail creations meet our gourmet Belgitude.

Chefs concept:  

With the street food concept in mind, the chefs will create a dish with a perfect balance between savory & sweet and built only with Filipino influenced ingredients, and with  "banana" as the main ingredient.

Shakers concept: 

Shakers will create a cocktail based on Don Papa Baroko, no other rum should be used. Make sure the cocktail is made entirely with those delicious Filipino influenced ingredients.

Pairing concept:  

The perfect mix and match and 100% Don Papa worthy: make it a Don Papa Rum tribute. Important is that the dish portrays a perfect harmony both in terms of taste and appearance:

- Tasting on the go.

- Important that both the dish and the cocktail can be consumed standing up.
- Supporting the dish through bowls - paper - trays - fork - spoon etc... consisting of recycled materials and/or biodegradable materials to be provided by the pairs as well as all necessary materials.



This year, the participants of Chefs & Shakers edition 2023 get to play with Don Papa Baroko.

Don Papa Baroko
Aged in Ex-Bourbon American OAK. 40% AVB

Bursting with bold, ripe tropical fruit flavours, silky smooth vanilla and a touch of dry, toasted oak, Don Papa Baroko is an exuberant rum - perfectly balanced with a touch of dried dates and raisins, and toasted oak on the finish.


Tasting notes 

Nose: Ripe vanilla pods and tropical candies fruits.

Mouth: Soft, fluid and sweet.

Finish: Toasted oak.



14th of May : Grand final with spectators at StrEat Fest Brussels - Tour & Taxis

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