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Alexis Berthelot & Kenzo Nakata - Gramm

Tom Van Kessel & Pieter De Volder - Baracca & ZUUT  

Sofian Vlaminck & Gill Walschap - Craftails/ Cocktails at nine & Zoet by Gill

Hannes Desmedt & Matthias Speybrouck - Wineblend & Va et Vient 

Leslie Moreau & Lionel Marchand - Green Lab & Le Royal Luxembourg 

Gauthier van Nuffel & Daniele Soru - Barba 

Dennis Broeckx & Bassche Didden - L’epicerie du cirque & Plantage 

Jan Menten & Bart Menten - De Mijlpaal & patisserie Blanckaert 

Ignace Wattenberge & Lisa Vanderstraerten - Lys D’Or 

Brandon Depoortere & Bram Van Vooren - Hotel Damier & Sprezza 

Timothy Tynes & Alexandra Scheyven - Atelier Maple & Eatalia 

David Laurent & Thomas Biefnot - David Laurent & Petrus Bar Van der Valk Hotel Nivelles 

Terence McGarrity & Saif El Ouachem - Carcasse & Freelance Cocktail Dream 

Adeline Vancaster & Alexandre Lescot - Ducobu & Gecko Bar 

Maxime Willems & Mario Vandeneede - Proef! & Chocolatoa

Arthur Tanoe & Charles-Maxime Legrand - L’Esta Gin Bar - Quai n°4 

Michel Van Hecke & Gabriel Roeland - Som Tam & Vinispirit 

Donatienne Vervaeke & Simon de Tavernier - Maison D & Château Du Mylord 

Papadas Antonios & Laurent Gerbaud - Woodpecker City & Laurent Gerbaud

Emeric Damoiseau & Batiste Loron - Moment


The second edition took place in 2021. Since we were in the middle of Corona, we still wanted to support the hospitality industry. Therefore, we did things differently so that the edition could be held. For the pre-selections, team Glen & Patrick went on a road trip through Belgium to visit the 20 participating duos at their restaurants. Altogether, they drove about 850 km and tasted 20 different pairings - cocktails & desserts. Nearly 16 kg of chocolate was used during this second edition.

DON PAPA FINALS - DUO3 - Kenzo Nakata & Alexis Berthelot-3_3000px.jpg


  • Hannah Van Ongevalle (Bartender – Hospitality consultant – The Motel)

  • Jan Tournier (Chef – Cuchara)

  • Nicola Van Heemsbergen (Chef d’Atelier – Domestic Bakkeri - Marineauj)

  • Mallory Gabsy (Semi-finalist – Top Chef France / Celebrity Chef)

  • Alessia Persechillo (Sommelier – Hors Champs by Stefan Jacobs & Bistro Racine)

  • Roger Van Damme (Pastry Chef – Het Gebaar / Chef of the year 2010 – Belgium)

  • Matthias Soberon (Cocktail blogger – Served by Soberon)

  • Nick Bril (Chef – The Jane Antwerp)

DON PAPA FINALS - JURY-2_3000px.jpg


6 duos made it to the final, which took place in the Upper Room of The Jane in Antwerp. There, they had to compete against an (improved) version of their pairing from the pre-selection.


The winning duo of Chefs & Shakers 2022 were Kenzo & Alexis from restaurant Gramm in Brussels with a genuinely rock & roll pairing. Inspired by the chef's cultural background (Japanese/Bretan) they created the following pairing: Affogato with Don Papa rum, white chocolate, lemon caviar, candied seaweed and Bronte pistachio praliné.


Partnerships with Bru, Metro & Media deal with Njam!​

DON PAPA FINALS - DUO3 - Kenzo Nakata & Alexis Berthelot-5.jpg
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