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Geoffrey Devriendt & Charlotte De Fevere - Velvet & Charlie’s morphine 

Gilles Bogaert & Joeri D’heuvaert - Bar Bask & Yalo Urban Boutique hotel 

Hannes Desmedt & Matthias Speybrouck - Wineblend & Va et Vient 

Papadas Antonios & Gill Walschap - Humphrey chez PIAS & Zoet by Gill 

Florent Cornil & Logan Moury - L’imperatif Benoit Neusy & MAH hotel 

Feodora van Calster & Lowie De Bock - Yalo Urban Boutique Hotel 

Brent Maes & Michiel Theys - Joost Arijs & Hof Van Cleve 

Andy Demeyer & Loïc Rigolet - Comme Chez Soi 

Giorgio Bruno & Edouard Silverhands - Senzanome & Volta Supper Club 

Pascal Mertens & Bram Van Vooren - Vertes Feuilles & Sprezza Damier 

Toon De Klerck & Ellen Destuyver - Bakkerij Toon De Klerck & L’epicerie du cirque

Milou Agterberg & Yochen Verbeeck - Het Gebaar & Bar Hootch

David Da Costa & Yoni Van Meensel - Restaurant Da Costa & Cocktails at nine


For edition 2022, the pre-selection took place with 13 duos at Metro - Chef Academy Antwerp. A unique venue for culinary training courses, inspiring networking events or private dining. Fully equipped ultra-professional kitchen with the latest equipment and functional systems from renowned brands.


The 13 duos created a dessert and cocktail pairing. The concept was a bake-off where they had 1 hour to create and present their pairing to the judges. They could win bonus points if they included 3 secret ingredients presented on the day by Glen & Patrick. Judges during this day were:

  • Hannah Van Ongevalle (Bartender – Hospitality consultant – The Motel)

  • Roland De Buyst (Silver Bocuse d’Or 1997, Golden delta 2000, 3 restaurants, consultant chef)

  • Sofian Vlaminck (Venuez best bartender 2018, World Class Belux top 3: 2017, 2018, 2019 & Cointreau Sidecar 2019)

  • Charlie Guilliams (Alfonse caravan bar, Botanical by Alfonse)

Don Papa Finals_HD_91.jpg


6 duos made it to the semi-finals in which they had to create a cocktail & finger food pairing on the Big Green Egg - Kamado Grill. The event took place in the new food market of Gare Maritime - Tour & Taxis Brussels. The concept was a bake-off where they had 1 hour to create and present their pairing to the jury. The 6 duos were given a workshop by Big Green Egg to prepare themselves for the semi-finals.

Judges during this day were:

  • Erica Paredes (Former beauty editor and lifestyle journalist, now Filipino chef from Paris)

  • Pauline Audibert (Brand ambassador Don Papa Rum France)

  • Giovanni Bruno (Chef & owner of michelin star restaurant Senzanome)

  • Hannah van Ongevalle (Bartender – Hospitality consultant – The Motel)



The final took place at Entropy restaurant in Brussels. During this final, the 3 remaining duos had to present a pairing cocktail & dish consisting of a Salt-Sweet combination. The Salt-Sweet dish is a tribute to the Philippines and Don Papa Rum. They had an hour to create and present their pairing to the judges.


Judges during this day were:

  • Jurgen Nobels (Experienced bartender & Beverage & hospitality consultant)

  • Philippe Meyers (Chef Philippe Meyers - michelin star)

  • Kenzo Nakata (Chef & owner of Gramm restaurant - winner of chefs & shakers 2021)

  • Henk Hetzel (Brand ambassador The Netherlands)

  • Hannah van Ongevalle (Bartender – Hospitality consultant – The Motel)


The winning duo of Chefs & Shakers 2022 were Michiel Theys & Brent Maes. 


Partnership with Metro, Bru, Gare Maritime, Big Green Egg & Mediadeal with Njam! 

Don Papa Finals_HD_249.jpg
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