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rules and agreement

the fourth edition of 
"Don Papa Chefs & Shakers"

Dear Chefs & Shakers,


We are delighted to inform you that the fourth edition of Chefs & Shakers by Don Papa Rum Belgium will be organized. A challenge open to all professionals, Chefs (chefs-pâtissiers-chocolatiers) and Bartenders (sommeliers-mixologist) in Belgium, with one goal: to create an original pairing based on Don Papa rum that combines a cocktail & dish.


The winning duo will be rewarded with an exclusive trip to the Philippines and will be swept away and surprised on this culinary and gastronomic journey.

The challenge


The duo, consisting of a chef and a shaker, presents one degustation and one drink accompanied by a savoury & sweet creation.


For this edition, we are going full Belgo-Filipino, where the traditional Filipino street food snacks & cocktail creations meet our gourmet Belgitude.


The Philippines is a multicultural mishmash of indigenous and foreign influences from East and West. Filipino cuisine is exotic, tropical, and traditional with a Western touch. The contrast and combination of salty and sweet is striking. Filipinos combine sweet and savory flavours such as chocolate rice porridge with salty fish, rice cake with cheese or egg as topping and meat prepared with sweet marinades or sauces. The versatility in Filipino culture, tradition, people groups, climate and history combined with the openness and hospitality to foreign influences makes Filipino food culture unique. They adapt, taking some from other countries here and there and making it their own. The nice thing is, there is never an authentic recipe for a dish. So many variations and combinations are possible. In this, Filipinos are open-minded, flexible and resourceful. Filipino cuisine reflects a complex but colourful history. Put it in a big pan and you get a unique melting pot full of flavour sensations.

the cocktail

Create a cocktail based on Don Papa Baroko (with at least 2 cl Don Papa), no other rum should be used. Make sure the cocktail is made entirely with Filipino influenced ingredients. Be highly creative, not only in terms of ingredients but also in the applications and techniques.

The Dish

With the street food concept in mind, the chefs will create a dish with the perfect balance of savory & weet and built only with Filipino influenced ingredients, and with  "banana" as the main ingredient. Be very creative, not only in ingredients, but also in applications and techniques.

The Presentation & Pairing

The presentation consists of 1 dish and 1 cocktail, no additional small bites - crunchies - etc... next to and on the glass. It is highly important that the entire presentation is presented to the judges in the street food atmosphere. The cocktail should be made on the spot as well as 30 % of the preparations of the dish. 70 % mise en place.

The perfect mix and match and 100% Don Papa worthy: make it a Don Papa Rum tribute. Important is that the dish portrays a perfect harmony both in terms of taste and appearance:

- Tasting on the go.

- Important that both the dish and the cocktail can be consumed standing up.
- Supporting the dish through bowls - paper - trays - fork - spoon etc... consisting of recycled materials and/or biodegradable materials to be provided by the pairs as well as all necessary materials.


To apply as a duo, you must complete the attached file online at by 12 March 2023. The sending date of your application will serve as confirmation of your participation.


As soon as we receive your application, our secretariat assigns a serial number to each file and confirms its receipt to the duos. The list of participants is kept secret so that the reading committee, made up of an experienced Belgian professional jury, can select the best duos who will then be invited by the organization to take part in the final, by the end of March at the latest. The entry form is final, as are the recipes and methods, which will also be presented during the final. 

The final

The final will take place in May where the duos will present their pairings. These remain indentical to those already submitted in the application form during the preselection. Total presentation time is limited to 40 minutes. Each duo will start with an interval of 20 minutes. The cocktail should be made on the spot as well as 30 % of the preparations of the dish. 70 % mise en place.


Each duo will serve 7 creations to a 4-member gastronomic jury, Don Papa Brand Ambassador Glen R. and Don Papa Chefs & Shakers Ambassador Patrick A and the photographer.


During the final, the venue will be fully equipped with worktables, fridge, freezer, oven, etc. Specific appliances and small equipment will be brought by the candidates themselves, as well as the ingredients needed to serve their creations.


At the beginning of the final day, a draw will determine the order of participation. 


All additional information regarding the final will be communicated to the selected duos, no later than 25 April 2023 by the committee (final list of equipment foreseen on the spot, address, parking, loading docks, logistics, badges,...).

Point settings

Score out of 100

- The Cocktail (20/100): The cocktail is tasty and has a pleasant aroma. It is balanced and correctly served. Don Papa Baroko gets adequate attention, and all the ingredients are Filipino influenced.

- The Dish (20/100): The dish is tasty, has a pleasant mouthfeel and the necessary texture. It is a balanced snack with the perfect balance of savory & sweet and is served correctly. It is constructed with banana as the central ingredient with the Filipino influence kept in mind.

- Visual (15/100): The cocktail and the dish are in harmony and attention is drawn to street food presentation.

- Pairing (35/100): All elements form a balanced composition and are in perfect harmony. One reinforces the other and together they form a whole.

- Philosophy and presentation (10/100): How does the duo combine their talent and passion to create their pair? Is there a compelling story behind the creations? How well can the duo captivate and dazzle the judges? Did the duo pay a tribute to Don Papa Rum? 

Additional information

By submitting their online registration, candidates confirm their full consent to the competition rules. 


The competition is open to all professionals aged 18 and above who carry out their activity in Belgium, either as self-employed, registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and in compliance with their tax and social obligations, or as an employee of a small or medium-sized commercial enterprise or a craft business, also registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and in compliance with their tax and social obligations. 


Don Papa reserves the right to publish the full text of the recipes submitted, indicating the name of the author. Don Papa retains full ownership of all images, video, digital, print, directly or indirectly related to this competition. 


The winner undertakes to participate in actions organised by Don Papa or in collaboration with its partners (television, media, reports, promotional presence, etc.), always in agreement and with mutual respect of both parties.


For further information, please contact the dedicated team by email : or by phone +32479844260

We look forward to your participation.

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